Group Highlight: The Woodlands Mother’s of Multiples

We’re excited to introduce to you our next group highlight, The Woodlands Mother’s of Multiples!

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Jennifer Flinn, State and National Representative for The Woodlands Mothers of Multiples about her group, using BigTent and their goals for the future:

Q: How did your group start and how many members do you have?

A: Currently we have 173 members.  We are a local club under the umbrella of the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs and the Texas Mothers of Multiples.  We formed 15 years ago as a break off from a larger North Houston Club when our area grew large enough to sustain its own organization.  We have been growing ever since!!

Q: Why did your group choose/or switch to BigTent?

A: Our group had a private Yahoo! Group prior to joining BigTent.  BigTent allowed us to offer a “one stop shopping” for our club, allow for dues renewals, for subgroups such as our Higher Order Multiple Moms (triplets and more), RSVPs for events and a separate classifieds section that is searchable and uniform.

Q: What is your favorite BigTent feature?

A: My personal favorite feature is subgroups.  I am on the Board of Directors and this locked subgroup allows us to conduct business very quickly and easily between our meetings.  We currently have subgroups for more than 5 areas of the club.  This allows moms to become even more closely connected with other moms based on interest or age of their multiples.

Q: What are a few of the goals your group has for the future?

A: Our group continues to do community outreach each year and bring awareness of the issues and joy of multiple birth parenting.  We are very active with March of Dimes and many local hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Departments.  We continue raising funds to support these organizations and bring Multiple Birth parenting classes to hospitals.  We hope to grow more and more each year and be able to raise additional funds to continue support of these and other projects.

Q: When you’re not busy with your group what are you up to?

A: I am employed full time outside of the home and have 4 ½ year old twins so the group is one of my only outlets.  I get very little free time but we like to check out local parks and swim on the weekends this time of year.  It is nice to always have Mommy friends to call and get together with so that the girls get time to play with friends and I get to chat with another adult outside of work.


Thank you to Jennifer and The Woodlands Mother’s of Multiples for sharing their story with us!

The BigTent Team

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