Raising the Tent

We’re excited to start our company blog today! As a quick introduction, I am Laney Whitcanack, a founder of Big Tent and likely frequent contributor to this blog. We started BigTent to make it really easy for trusted groups—the people and the communities you care about and interact with on a daily basis—to connect online. Our platform provides these groups with a safe and secure place to continue the conversations that start in monthly meetings, on the playground, or in the front yard. We’re excited to have you join us here on our new blog, in a new conversation about what it means to have trusted communities communicate and connect online.

We hope that this blog can be a place for considering what it means to build, sustain and grow trusted groups online and off. In the future, Big Tent community members of all stripes, from group members, to product developers, even to Big Tent advertisers, will have a turn at the mike. Of course we’ll have the obligatory announcements and discussions of cool new features, but we also want this blog to be a place where we share experiences and reflections on community building in these exciting technological times.

We’re glad you’re here.

And that’s what’s new under the Tent today.