To Do List For My Dream Housekeeper

ImageDana from was a tidy child, a neat college student and a clutter-free adult. That is, until she had kids. (Sound familiar?) Now, with another spring cleaning adventure on the horizon, she wants a housekeeper more than anything.

Read her post to hear her interesting list of requests!

What do you dream of in a house cleaner? Tell us!

New Features on BigTent Groups!

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming release featuring Facebook sharing, sticky posts more!

Here is what you need to know about each of our new features:

Facebook Sharing

Part of a BigTent Group and a Facebook page? We are making it easier!
 With Facebook sharing, you will be able to post group Events, News, and Classifieds to your Facebook walls, group page and more!

Sticky Posts

Sticky forum posts are finally here!
 Groups now have a place to welcome new members, share forum guidelines, important announcements, and more.
Check out your BigTent Group to see all the new features.

6 Ways To Make Parenting Easier In The New Year


Parenting is a rewarding, and yet undeniably stressful job. Renowned parenting blogger Christine has 6 tips–from delegating chores to evaluating busyness–to save you time and sanity. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy family life a little more this year?

Read her post in which she shares some secrets of how she makes being a mom of two so easy!

What ways do you make parenting easier? Tell us!

Helping Victims Of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan

As most of you have already heard, and BigTent have joined families! We are excited to start sharing some of our great tips, tools and resources, as well as showcase all of the wonderful groups here on BigTent. Be sure to tell us what you think, what you want to read about, and reach out if you want to participate. We look forward to hearing from you!

For our first post, we’d like to share something a little more personal from the family.  Our CEO, Sheila Marcelo, is from the Philippines and in the aftermath of the Typhoon Yolanda devastation, has been overwhelmed by numerous messages of concern and queries of how to aid the relief efforts.

Read her blog to hear her story and learn how you can help those affected by the disaster.

Free Webinar: Household Tax Talk – What You Really Need to Know

blog button2Do you employ a nanny, eldercare provider or other household help?

If so, you may not realize you’re entitled to certain tax breaks when paying your household employee legally, and your employee gains valuable protections and benefits.

Join us for a free webinar — “Household Tax Talk – What You Really Need to Know”– which will cover the basics of household payroll and tax requirements, plus dispel the most common household employment myths.

Household Tax Talk – What You Really Need to Know

Presenter: Stephanie Breedlove, Head of HomePaySM, Managed by Breedlove

Date and Time: Wednesday, September 25th at 1:00 PM EDT

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The true cost of paying your employee legally
  • A clear understanding of the law and the process
  • How to avoid the most common pitfalls

Learn more

Member Tip: How To Control Your Profile Privacy Settings

BigTent allows you ultimate control over your information. While group leaders may require certain information, such as address and phone number, to approve your membership, you can choose whether that information is shared with other group members.

Information about you is shared with other members on your profile and on the member list (if enabled by a group leader). There are two ways you can control what information is shared with other group members:

During registration:

1) Check the box to beside each piece of information if you would like it to be visible to group members on your profile and the member list (if enabled).

2) Complete the enrollment process.

If you are required to enter any information (address, kids’ information, etc.) which you are uncomfortable sharing with the group’s leaders, please contact a group administrator directly.

After you’ve registered:

1) Go to my bigtent > settings > profile privacy and choose your group from the drop-down menu.

2) Check the box next to any information you’d like to share with the group. Leave unchecked any information you don’t want other group members to see on the member list or your profile.

3) Save your changes.

To view your profile, go to my bigtent > profile. Use the drop-down menu to see how your profile looks to other members of your group(s). To edit any of the information on your profile, click “settings” and choose from the personal, contact, and family info tabs.

The BigTent Team