Group Spotlight: Art Beast

We’re excited to introduce to you our next group highlight, Art Beast!

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Bridget Alexander, Founding Director of Art Beast Studio, about her group, BigTent and group goals for the future:

Q: How did your group start and how many members do you have?

A: The Art Beast group started when we launched Art Beast in July 2009. We were looking to spread the word about our art events and experiences for young children.  We now have 643 members.

Q: Why did your group choose/or switch to BigTent?

A: We choose BigTent because it was such a friendly place for beginners to develop outreach skills and build a membership. With terrific ease, we were able to set up events, post news, feature our site in photographs, and develop a membership base. We stayed because the maintenance is so simple and our members love the weekly newsletters that profile events in all their groups.  The price is certainly right as well!

Q: What is your favorite BigTent feature?

A: We love the calendar and event scheduling. We set aside time every few months to input all the events for the quarter ahead, and then we never have to do a thing to keep our members informed each week.  We also use the news and email blast features to highlight details to our members.

Q: What are a few of the goals your group has for the future?

A: We would like to build our photograph vault on BigTent as we realize many people explore our group through these visuals. We would also like to partner with other BigTent groups in our area.  So many parenting groups are on BigTent that it only makes sense to forge those bonds.

Thank you to Bridget and Art Beast Studio for sharing your story with us!


The BigTent Team

P.S. Do you have a great group on BigTent? Tell us about it by emailing

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