Inspiring Moms & their Indiegogo Stories!

In honor of Mother’s Day, we collaborated with Indiegogo Life to showcase mothers who have brought their friends and family together in meaningful ways to make big things happen! Sites like Indiegogo Life and BigTent are giving parents, and mothers in particular, new ways to interact and collaborate for bigger things…moms can simply launch a fundraiser through Indiegogo Life! It’s providing new ways for mothers to make connections, both online and offline—something that can often be difficult for very busy parents.

Below are a few women we admire and short stories of how they were able to use BigTent and Indiegogo for the greater good.  Indiegogo Life, a free fundraising site for life events powered by Indiegogo and BigTent by, an online destination for local parenting groups with thousands of members.

Karen 1When Karen first moved to Napa, California, she was overwhelmed by the many options available for preschool, but now, she’s been able to connect with other mothers online and truly carve out her place in a new town. “It’s definitely providing a connection for moms who aren’t familiar and that’s the point of the organization to help people feel a little less alone. Being a mom is tough and it’s a little tougher when you feel like you don’t have resources or ways to meet people.”

NerissaNerissa‘s daughter was diagnosed with leukemia at a young age and she has been able to reconnect with friends and family nearby and across the country through Indiegogo, as well as forge relationships with two other mothers experiencing the same challenges. Nerissa’s friends and family raised $21,000 on Indiegogo Life after her two year old daughter Mila was diagnosed with leukemia. “Something about knowing that I’d be able to share my story and potentially help other people through their journeys to know that they’re not the only ones going through it, is probably one of the greatest benefits of Indiegogo… Knowing that there’s always someone going through something similar or even something worse, and hoping they can take something positive out of it.”

AundreaAundrea is an inspirational mother who has used the BigTent to connect with the Foster City Parents Club and raise money for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. “It’s like a hand-in-hand thing. Your family and everyone want to give and help other people, and then other people see that you want to help and it’s kind of a cycle.”

SarahSarah is the mother of Hadlie–a young girl diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor–who raised $110,345 to give her daughter as many wonderful experiences as possible before her 4th birthday. She and her husband called it Hadlie’s Bucket List. “The feeling of love and support completely enveloped us and in the worst moment of our lives we found strength. We felt loved by complete strangers half way across the world. Our goal was met within 4 hours. I remember feeling relieved that we would now be able to live everyday we had with Hadlie with no regrets.”

Pregnant? Stressed? Working? Join us!

webinar 1On April 28th from 12-1pm EST, join our experts from, The Bump, Families and Work Institute, and Massachusetts General Hospital for a dynamic discussion about pregnancy in the workplace.

We’ll tackle topics such as:

  • What steps can expectant mothers take to ensure a healthy pregnancy while at a high-stress job?
  • How can organizations effectively support their working moms-to-be; creating a best in class family-friendly culture?
  • How can female employees advocate for workplace supports and navigate potentially stressful situations, like telling your boss you’re pregnant and planning your maternity leave?

Please share this webinar info with any pregnant, working spouse/partner, family member, friend…or if you are a pregnant employee yourself, this is the webinar for you!

A Letter To My Future Daughter-In-Law

Letter to DILEver wonder if the job you’re doing now will turn your little angel into a responsible adult – or someone else’s slacker? Our team’s Associate Creative Director Holly (and mom of two boys!) wrote a letter to her sons’ future wife, explaining how she made some tough decisions with “her” in mind.

Read Holly’s letter, then we’d love your thoughts…at what point does helping our kids actually hurt who they become in life?

Schedule H & Nanny Taxes!

webinar 1We’re right in the middle of tax season and most Americans are busy preparing their personal income tax returns. If you’re a household employer, this is information you need to know!

As a household employer, you need to make sure your Form 1040 also has a Schedule H attached to it. A Schedule H is a form used to report Social Security, Medicare, unemployment and income taxes withheld from a nanny, personal assistant, senior caregiver or other household employee.

The total household employment taxes you paid for 2014 must be entered on line 60a on your personal income tax return. If you forget, the IRS may come calling for the additional taxes you failed to report. If you have any questions about the Schedule H, please give us a call at (888) 273-3356 or email the team at We’re here to help!

Classifieds is on the BigTent App, just in time for spring cleaning!

iphone new classifiedsMoms, we’ll admit it-we really like when things are quick and easy. We also really, really like de-cluttering the attics, basements, garages…but when things are in good condition, it breaks our heart to toss them to the curb!

Classifieds on the BigTent mobile app is here to help! The Classifieds is a safe, easy way to sell the items your family no longer needs to other BigTent users, and it’s the perfect new addition to our mobile app. You can log into your BigTent account, snap a picture of the item, post information about it, and with a click of a button its posted for others to see and purchase. It is that easy!

You can also log on and search through what others are selling-find yourself needing new hockey equipment, a new stroller, or maybe a piece of furniture perfect for a playroom, but don’t want to spend a ton on something your kids will grow out of? Check out the Classifieds and see what mommies in your area have posted-you could find just what you need without having to break the bank.

We want you to love Classifieds as much as we do, so please post any feedback about the experience for our team to hear. Happy selling/shopping!