8 Parenting Lessons Found In Baseball

ImageKatie hasn’t always been a sports fan, but she’s learned a lot about baseball now that her 5 year-old loves to play. And it turns out, baseball can teach us a lot about parenting—from making a strategy to learning how to fail. If you ask us, her funny list of baseball lessons is a real home run.

Check out this post to read her 8 lessons!

What do you think? What are the parenting lessons you’ll be taking off the field this spring?

Give Gwyneth A Break

Give Gwyneth A BreakGwyneth Paltrow recently made a badly-received comparison between herself and “9-5 moms.” We’re sure you’ve heard! Care.com moms Katie and Kristin had two very different reactions to her statement—and we hope you’ll weigh in.

Check out this post to read their responses.

Is Gwyneth out of touch with reality, or should we cut her a break? What do you think?

What I’ve Learned From Hiring Part-Time Care


Christina has a challenge: she needs and awesome part-time sitter, but most nannies want to work a whole week. Fortunately, she has many years of finding-the-perfect-part-time-nanny experience, and she’s compiled 6 stellar tips that you can use, too.

Read her post to hear her tips.

How can you find part-time care that works for your family? Tell us!

What Do You Hope Your Children Learn From You?

ImageDJ was moved by a recent story about a teacher who rallied to help a struggling, bullied student. Why? Because as a child, his mother taught him to help others—and it shaped the person he became. Think about it: what do you want your kids to learn from you?

Read his post to hear his response.

What is the most important lesson you hope you child learns from you? And how are you teaching it?

To Do List For My Dream Housekeeper

ImageDana from KissMyList.com was a tidy child, a neat college student and a clutter-free adult. That is, until she had kids. (Sound familiar?) Now, with another spring cleaning adventure on the horizon, she wants a housekeeper more than anything.

Read her post to hear her interesting list of requests!

What do you dream of in a house cleaner? Tell us!