9 Quick Back To School Organizing Tips

9 Quick Back To School Organizing TipsForget spring cleaning—back to school season is when you really need to get your home in order! Our global parenting expert, Katie Bugbee, shares her best tricks for making those chaotic first days back much easier. We think you’ll especially love her video tutorials!

Check out this post to learn her tips to start this school year on the right foot.

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Welcome to the Mobile-Era BigTent!

There were rumors and there were disbelievers… but today we can officially welcome the beta BigTent app for iPhone, which is available for download at the iTunes Store now!
We have Care.com and their team of sleep-deprived mobile developers to thank!
Download the app and you can connect to your community on the go and take your forums with you! The beta app even allows you to add group events to your calendar and RSVP for free events. There’s plenty more features to come, but we wanted to get these basics in your hands now so that you can keep plugged into your communities!


Questions? Contact support@bigtent.com and follow BigTent App release and news here!

Pre and Post Kids Beach Packing

Pre and Post Kids Beach Packing ListThe dog days of summer are all about beach trips—and our parenting expert Katie has notice that it takes a wee bit longer to pack now that she has kids. Fortunately for you, she created the packing list you need to give your little ones the best beach day ever!

Check out this post to see what Katie has on her list.

How do you pack for the beach with (or without) kids? Tell us!

Are Kids Overscheduled?

Are Kids Overscheduled?When September rolls around, kids return to their many after school activities. But how do you know how much is too much? Laureen feels that overscheduling prevents kids from developing their imaginations.

Jenessa thinks trying new activities help kids find their passions and practice hard work. Where do you draw the line between too little and too much?

Read this post to hear two moms’ differing opinions on the matter.

When it comes to after-school activities, how much is too much? Tell us!

7 Secrets For After School Care

7 Secrets For After School CareYou might be immersed in the world of summer camp and family vacations—but in fact, July is the best month to line up after school care. And when you plan in advance, even the busiest family can make back to school a breeze. So don’t fret, parents. We’re here to make this easy for you, and we’ve got lots of tricks up our sleeves.

Check out this post to hear our 7 secrets for after school care.

Are you ready to plan for back to school?

Should Kids Get Homework Over the Summer?

Should Kids Get Homework Over the Summer?Is summer vacation a time for kids to run and play, or an opportunity to continue learning? Sarah (AKA “momzilla”) makes sure her daughters study for at least half an hour, 5 days a week, all summer long. Then there’s Leisa, who cultivates “bored time” to help her kids develop creative and time-management skills. Who’s right?

Check out this post to hear them weigh in on the pros and cons of summertime homework.

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22 Signs Your Vacation Has Kids

22 Signs Your Vacation Has KidsRemember summer vacation before kids, when your toughest decision was where to place your beach chair?

Now, it’s all about sandcastles, sidewalk chalk and trying to get sunblock onto a squirming kid. If you’ve ever come home from vacation needing another vacation, we get you.

Check out our list of funny, but true, signs that your summer vacation has kids!

What family vacation moments would you add to the list? Let us know!